Join Our Team

* Flexibility: Teachers self-select their teaching days for private and/or group classes.


* Creativity: Teachers are encouraged to create new classes, camps and other programs.


* Fun, Energetic & Challenging:  Teachers who are passionate, energetic and like to make learning fun while challenging themselves and their students will find a good home with us! 


* Proximity: Teachers who live anywhere inside the United States are encouraged to apply to teach online lessons and teachers who live within 10 miles of one of our studios are encouraged to apply to teach in our of our studios.


* Professional:  Teachers are able to focus on their passion while leaving the rest to us.  We do all of the marketing, scheduling, facility management, recital coordination and other administrative work.  We also set up and manage the video-conferencing platform for all online lessons. Teachers have 24/7 access to their schedules with a phone or other internet connected device.


* Compensation: Teachers earn a competitive teaching rate to start and are eligible for higher pay rates over time. Teachers earn ongoing commissions for any student referred to us (even if the teacher does not teach the student).  Teachers and immediate family are eligible for a 25% discount on all introductory lessons and monthly private and group lesson plans.


* Community: Teachers are part of our family and are surrounded by the best.  Teachers can participate in faculty recitals, open houses and community events, if desired.


* Make an impact: Teachers are encouraged to share our mission to "inspire the artist within".  We believe music has a direct and lasting impact on the lives of staff, students and their families. Teachers are invited to give back to the community and join in our Scholarship Program.

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