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If you're a student of Forte Academy and do not yet have an account to be able to login online, please register here!  After you have registered and confirmed your account, an email will be sent to us letting us know you have registered.  We'll then check out your account to ensure you are in fact a student here, at which point we'll activate your account.  Once that has taken place, we will send you an email letting you know that you can now access the Student Dashboard.

You WILL NOT be able to login until we have activated your account, so please do not attempt to register more than once.  Please be sure you type your email address in correctly as that's what everything is linked to with your account.  That's also how we will be notifying you of your account status going forward.  Thanks for choosing Forte Academy!

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Student Login

Are you a student at Forte Academy? if so, login here to access the Student Dashboard.