Forté Academy of Music offers numerous performance opportunities for students, both formal and informal.  We have something for everyone with our wide range of performances.   Click on the picture to the right or a link below for a video of our latest performance!

We have video of student performances available on our exclusive student access area of the website for friends and family to view!    

  • Formal recitals
  • Halloween recital
  • Community performances – retirement homes, churches, etc
  • Baroque Festival
  • Summer Festival  
  • Videos of student performances available on the web

"Forte offers many recitals throughout the year, as well as opportunities to perform in public venues.  This is a great way for students to showcase their abilities and share their music with others.  Forte has opened many doors for our son, musically and academically." -- Tom and Claire Hanson, parents



“My 9-year-old son, Noah, is an amazing drummer, thanks to his patient teachers at Forte Academy of Music.  I myself started piano as a beginner at Forte and in no time my teacher had me reading music and playing songs.”