fortePianoOur excellent teachers are at the heart of the Academy's great success. Our selection process is rigorous. We begin with university-trained musicians who demonstrate a high aptitude for teaching. Candidates must practice teach as part of their interview. They must be able to relate well to various types of students. High ethical and moral character is required. Background checks are performed. We also look for a "willingness" to learn. All teachers are required to continue their musical training and professional performing careers. The Academy has attracted some "world class" performers who are also excellent teachers. All teachers' lessons are periodically evaluated and recommendations are made.

Here are the profiles of some of our prestigious faculty.




"We were studying at another music school with cheaper tuition, but moved to Forté because of the excellent instruction and superior program.  Forté has so much more to offer, and our children made more progress, which makes the tuition an excellent value."