forte 31The Adult Music Program is specifically designed for adults students of all ages, whether beginning lessons for the first time, continuing lessons, or returning to lessons after many years.  At Forté Academy, adults study music in a supportive atmosphere that facilitates the process of learning.

“I like the professionalism of Forté Academy’s instruction.  It is up to date with current methods for correct playing.  As a beginning adult I also appreciate the encouragement I receive from Forté instructors.” – Dr. Tom Froning, piano student

violinInCase“Returning to the study of piano at Forté has given me a renewed appreciation for the beauty of music.  It satisfies a need for self-expression and serves as a release for stress.”  -- Mary Jo Ozmai, adult student

  • Private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, drums, flute, and saxophone
  • Ergonomic, injury-free technique
  • Note-reading
  • Theory
  • Varying music styles, from classical to jazz and popular
  • Informal wine-and-cheese get-togethers



“The instruction at Forte is excellent.  My four children have made progress beyond my expectations!"