Q. What do you mean when you say you offer more?

A. There are many options available for music lessons, but no one offers everything we do!  Our students learn to read music right from the start.  Many teachers offer a recital -- we offer five per year!  Our students spend more time learning in our music computer lab.

Q. Why are recitals important?

A. A good analogy is sports.  Recitals are like the games!  Players work hard and practice, and their hard work is rewarded on game day.  Parents, family, and friends cheer them on and support them.  At Forté, we know game day is important, and we encourage our "players" to show off their hard work in performances, including formal recitals, music festivals, Halloween and Valentine's recitals, and community performances.  Come join our team!


Q. What is the ideal age to start music lessons?

A. For adults, any time is the right time.  It's never too late to begin a lifetime of music!

For children, starting at the right age is a key element to their success.  Waiting until the right age makes lessons more fun and students progress faster.  Children who start too young can burn out and want to quit lessons.  Children who are older than the suggested age can do very well.  Our recommended ages are as follows:

    Piano, age 6-8 (Special program for 4-5-y-olds)
    Violin, age 4-8
    Guitar, age 7-9
    Voice, age 8-12
    Drums, age 8-10


Q. We're really busy -- do we have time for music?

A. YES!  We can help you find time in your busy schedule.  We specialize in scheduling lesson times to accomodate our students.   Our program doesn't require students to practice for long periods of time -- beginners need only practice 10 minutes a day, and take weekends off!  Call us today so we can help you make time for music.

Q. Are lessons at Forté fun?

A. Absolutely!  At Forté, we believe that music should be something that you enjoy for a lifetime.  Everyone learns at a different pace, and the key is to enjoy the journey!



"We were studying at another music school with cheaper tuition, but moved to Forté because of the excellent instruction and superior program.  Forté has so much more to offer, and our children made more progress, which makes the tuition an excellent value."