About Forte

“Forté Academy of Music is a community-based music conservatory, which has as its primary mission to provide the highest quality music instruction to children and adults.” -- Forté Mission Statement


At Forté Academy, we believe in the unlimited musical potential of every student.  It is always the right time to learn music, and Forte is the right place to learn!

"The competent level of instruction, passion for excellence, and love of music has enhanced Kyle’s refinement for his own love of music.  Forte Academy offers professional instruction with techniques that enable any student to excel at their own pace.  Forte has offered and delivered above and beyond what we expected." -- Tom and Claire Hanson, parents



“My 9-year-old son, Noah, is an amazing drummer, thanks to his patient teachers at Forte Academy of Music.  I myself started piano as a beginner at Forte and in no time my teacher had me reading music and playing songs.”